Amprol 500 Water Soluble Powder


Amprol 500 – Water Soluble Powder
Amprolium 50% WSP

Each Kg contains
Amprolium HCl – 500gm

Amprolium is a coccidiostat (antiprotozoal) used for the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in calves, sheep, goats, chickens (broilers and breeders) and other fowls such as turkeys, with activity against Eimeria spp., especially Eimeria tenella and Eimeria necatrix. It is a thiamine (vitamin B1) analogue and its pharmacological effect relies on competitive inhibition of thiamine uptake.

Amprolium competitively inhibits the active transport of thiamine in isolated second-generation schizonts of Eimeria spp. and in host intestinal cells. Upon ingestion of amprolium, the coccidia experience thiamine deficiency and starve from malnutrition.

Amprol 500 – WSP is indicated for coccidiosis caused by coccidia susceptible to amprolium (Eimeria spp.) or gastrointestinal infections for which it is therapeutically or prophylactically indicated to administer amprolium in calves, goats, sheep and poultry.

Contra indications:
The use of amprolium is prohibited from a laying age onwards. Do not administer to poultry whose eggs are intended for human consumption. Do not administer to animals with impaired hepatic and/or renal functions.

Side effects:
Overdosage of amprolium can suppress weight gain in broilers and cause polyneuritis. Long-term administration of amprolium in high doses may result in thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency in the host. To treat amprolium overdose, thiamine should be administered parenterally or orally.

For oral administration:

Calves, sheep and goats:
Preventive : 1 g per 80 kg body weight through drinking water or milk for 21 days.
Curative : 1 g per 50 kg body weight through drinking water or milk for 5 days.

Poultry :
Preventive : 1 kg per 7500 litres of drinking water for 1 – 2 weeks.
Curative : 1 kg per 2500 – 5000 litres of drinking water for 5 – 7 days.

Withdrawal times:
– For meat:
Calves, goats, sheep : 3 days.
Poultry : 3 days.

Jar of 1000 ml
Jar of 500 ml

Special Note:
Mix Amprol-500 WSP daily with fresh water or milk.
Not intended for hens producing eggs for human consumption.
In severe cases curative treatment may be followed by preventive treatment.