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By using our website with all the sections including services, products or any other information available on Divine Pharmaceuticals website the visitor confirms and agree with all the terms of use and conditions.

  • visitor will refrain of using any information that is available on divinepharma.pk about us or our affiliates, agents, consultants or contractors for unlawful use and comply with appropriate government laws and regulations, while being on divinepharma.pk or its affiliates websites.
  • The user on our website will assure to provide all the correct, up to date and current information with the best of his knowledge when asked from him. We at Divine pharmaceuticals have all the rights to validate and confirms all the information which so ever put on the website whenever required. If the validation / confirmation of the information fails or found untrue in any respect (completely or partially), divinepharma.pk reserves all the rights to abandon the registration on the website and intimate its affiliate for the corresponding well demanded action and prohibit the visitor for future use until and unless found reasonable justification of false / mis-entered data.
  • In case of issue of the re-delivery of goods / products due to insufficient contact information the compensation for the re-delivery will be born by the customer / user/ visitor on the website.
  • You can cancel the order in 02-04 hours after completion of the order to get the refund as per Divine pharmaceuticals policy of use, as we deliver products at our earliest possible time.
  • There will be no refunds of any type once the product in delivered to your door step.
  • We ensure and confirms our best of the best services and products to your much satisfaction through our website divinepharma.pk, still all the transaction that you do on the website in completely on your discretion / at your own risk.