About Us

Divine Pharmaceuticals, is an ISO certified and licensed veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing company that is located at Sundar industrial Estate Lahore– Pakistan.

Divine Pharmaceuticals is an innovative animal health care company devoted to the health of poultry and livestock aiming best quality of standards. The company’s sole aim is to produce qualitatively exceptional medicines as well as reduce the economic challenges vet medicines are facing filling the major gap of the present-day market at the same time. It focuses on providing a substantially equipped environment to its workers and employees along with development of interest and promoting team work. The management keeps up the pace of facilitation for achievement of desired results and goals. Special needs and requirement of both the labor and of veterinary medicine production are taken care of at each and every step. The company is all in all ethically GMP standardized and has certification of quality to facilitate animal in the best possible manner in terms of health.

We ensure that our facility is easy to locate and we have mapped out plans to develop a far-reaching distribution network for wholesalers of veterinary pharmaceutical products all around Pakistan.

To produce specialty veterinary medicines to meet and exceed customer expectations of Quality of standards, economical Price, on time Delivery and technical support are the significant principles forming the quality policy of Divine Pharmaceuticals. ”We constantly invest in high-end equipment”

The idea was conceived in 2104/15 to start the manufacturing unit of Veterinary Phamaceutical Industry at Sundar industrial Estate Lahore by the Chief Executive of Divine Pharmaceuticals Mr. Shahzad Farooq and he put the foundation stone of this state of the plant plant with the vision to serve the country by being “equal opportunity provider”.

The name “Divine Pharmaceuticals” was choosen and finalised in the same year. The land was acquired and the registration and Site inspection was applied in DRAP for the approval of the site for the construction of the Divine Pharmaceuticals.