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Divine Pharmaceuticals confirms to not disclose or share any information that was collected by our website to any third party whatever the scenario will be, for unavoidable reasons. So any personal information whatsoever shared to our website will be kept private and secured by all possible means. Or in case that we need some information, we assure to the user of this website that we will be very responsible to use it not only carefully but strictly for the desired purpose. Further its worth mentioning that the information collected by Divine Pharmaceuticals may be used / shared to its stake holders / distributors / representatives / agents or contract holders in order to complete any transaction, for example payments, completion of supply of goods, registering at our website / subscription to other websites that will be carried out in compliance with Divine Pharmaceuticals privacy policy.

Divine Pharmaceuticals may share some acquired information for legal perspective in any, legal proceedings taking place in real time or surely to save, protect and establish / verify our legal rights.

Data Protection

Divine Pharmaceuticals confirms to strictly safeguard, prevent loss, change or misapplication of any data whatsoever entered here at the website by practicing much required steps and taking proper precautions. The backups and the secured systems provide the much-needed comprehensive security of the data. Further, the encryption technology will take care of all the information.

Renew / Update Privacy Policy

Divine Pharmaceuticals enjoys its rights in all capacity what so ever to alter / modify / change the privacy policy whenever desired / mandatory with no prior notice at all, so a request is made here to keep visiting the privacy policy section of for the updated version of the privacy policy.

Other Websites

Divine Pharmaceuticals may have links to various other websites mostly our business associate / partners and we hold no obligation / responsibility what so ever for their privacy policy in practice at their websites. We are really available for all types of questions and queries at all times in regard of the above mentioned privacy policy. Please feel free to contact us.